Announcing the “Official” Airbrake Chrome Extension.

For the past few weeks we've been building Airbrake Chrome Extension.   While there are a few third party tools available,  we didn't find anything that fitted our needs.  The extension provides realtime web-socket notifications, a list view of exceptions and a button to replay errors.

Replay an Exception. *Experimental

For all exceptions with a URL, we've added a button that will allow you to replay that error. V2 will allow you to re-create that error in your staging and development environment.  This feature is experimental, we welcome your feedback.

Download the extension from the Chrome Store.

If you find the extension useful please be kind in your review. If you find a bug or have a feature request please send them to .

Built with Forge.

We built our browser extension with Forge from Trigger.  In the coming weeks we'll be launching a Firefox and Safari Extension.

We're  working on a mobile app, better mobile support and more browser extensions.