Airbrake gets serious (and a little silly) about comments

Until now the commenting functionality in Airbrake has been a bit, uh, limited. Users could add a comment for an exception, but only in plain-text. And email notifications can be pretty easy to miss - especially when you’ve set up filters in your inbox.

That all ends now. We’ve made two big improvements to comments that’ll make it easier to coordinate with your team to get errors resolved


Sometimes your comment can be as simple as “Hey John, fix this already!”. But often a bit more detail is needed. We’ve now added support for markdown to enable rich commenting.

Need to insert a code block to flag the problem area?  Check!

cat comment

Want to use bold to call attention to something important?  Check!

Need to create a to do list of:
1. Dependencies
2. Necessary Changes
3. Deployment steps

Want to include a screenshot of the user impact?  Check!

screenshot in comment

Want to show just how much you’re freaking out about this error?  Check!freaking out

Chat Integrations:

If you’re like us, you get lots of email. Like, a whole lot of email. Things get lost, things get missed. And your filters are probably designed to make sure you miss them.

Chat tools like Slack and HipChat make it much easier to scan through notifications (learn more about that here). And now, any comments you make can post to Slack or Hipchat automatically.

Hipchat comment

So your teammates might actually see themSlack call-out

Let’s see them ignore you now!

Have suggestions or feedback on how to make commenting even better? Other features requests? Lonely? Email us at anytime.