Announcing Airbrake Insights

We believe that with fast feedback cycles, teams can ship better quality software with more calm, confidence and speed. That's why we've enhanced Airbrake with a suite of new Error, Deploy and Code Insights.

Airbrake Insights is a suite of tools and metrics designed to give you a more complete perspective on your application quality. By connecting error trends with deployments and code changes, you will start to observe patterns in your code and your deployments that are directly impacting your software quality.

Deployments introduce code changes, and code changes introduce new errors. Code, Deploys and Errors are the cycle of life for a software team. Airbrake Insights connects these dots so you can see how these coexist in your software.

Error Insights

Are you reducing errors? These trends give you the measurements you and your team need in order to balance shipping speed with shipping quality.

See trends across your whole stack.

Are there hidden problems in your codebase? Hotspots help you identify problem  areas in your code, so you know where to focus your efforts to improve your application quality.

Code Insights

How much has your codebase changed, recently? Has this had a positive or negative impact on errors?

What files have changed the most, can you preemptively spot problems before they occur?

What changes did a deploy introduce? Quickly see the link between a deploy, the code it changed and the errors it caused or fixed.

Deploy Insights

What are your deployment patterns? Is a change in deployment behaviour impacting your application quality for the better?

What about your whole team, or your whole stack? How do your deployment and error trends relate, and can you find ways to improve your application quality through deployments?

In Summary...

Airbrake Insights is designed to help you improve your application quality. We help you see the lifecycle between your errors, deployments and code changes so you can improve your shipping workflow and continue to ship high quality software, calmly and quickly.

New to Airbrake? Start your 14-day free trial today and you’ll be organising and tracking all your application’s errors in just a few minutes.