New feature: See trends with Airbrake error charts

Deep in the Airbrake labs we've been experimenting. We've destroyed expensive equipment, set fire to our lab coats and singed our eyebrows in the heat and fire of many failed experiments. Finally, we emerge, wide-eyed and excited to announce our most requested and anticipated new feature: error charts!

In the project overview, these new error charts provide an instant overview of the number of errors occurring in your application. They show when your application was deployed, and identify any rate-limiting that may have occurred. You can quickly spot trends and answer important questions like "are we reducing our errors", "how many times were we rate-limited, and when?" or "did that deploy reduce our errors?".

We've also added inline charts to the error lists allowing you to see if specific errors are improving, or getting worse, at a glance. You can also see a more detailed chart of occurrences for any specific error on the error overview page.

We've been testing out these features internally at Airbrake for a few months, and we've learned lots about our applications, leading us to some valuable bug fixes.

It brings the Airbrake team great pleasure to have released this much-anticipated feature. We hope that these new charts assist you on your quests to ship better software!