Get more flexibility with monthly error quotas

By popular demand, Airbrake is introducing a new set of plans based on monthly error quotas. Here’s why:

User feedback

First and foremost, customers have repeatedly asked for it. A lot. They’ve said that per-minute rate limits are tough to plan around, and force them to make a difficult choice between capturing error spikes or keeping costs reasonable.

Freedom and flexibility

No two teams are alike. What’s important to you might be different than other teams. Monthly quotas ensures Airbrake error monitoring meets your specific needs.

Don’t want to miss out on any errors if there’s a traffic spike? You can collect every error without worrying about rate limits.

Is collecting every error occurrence not critical?  We offer an optional configurable rate limit to ensure you can spread your quota more evenly through the month.

Simpler to understand

Most people can estimate how many errors they’ll send in a given month. Knowing how many you’ll send minute by minute (including outliers) is much harder. Now, users will no longer have to guess the maximum error rate they’ll need, and instead can pick a plan based on their actual needs.


You’ll no longer have to pay extra “just in case”. Accounts that send less errors pay less vs. those that send a lot.  If you have low usage for a week, but then a release goes haywire, you can use your quota to capture all those errors. With rate limiting, you’d have paid for a high rate limit you never needed when it was calm (which, hopefully, is most of the time), and then lost errors when things got crazy.

Oh and by the way... all new plans come with unlimited projects and, for Startup and above, unlimited users.

You can check out our new plans on our pricing page, or current customers can view their plans page for more details. Get in touch with us at if you have any questions.