High Volume Warnings: Re-Notification Based on Occurrence Count

High volume warnings trigger re-notifications based on an error's occurrence count. When enabled, re-notifications will be triggered when an error’s occurrences reach 10k, 100k, 200k, 300k and every 100,000 occurrences thereafter.

When Are They Useful?

High volume warnings are useful for mission critical projects where being emailed only for the first occurrence and reoccurrences isn't enough. High volume warnings re-ping you on on errors with increased occurrence counts. These errors can indicate bad deploys, database connectivity issues, 3rd party service outages, and more. The high volume warnings feature is available for all paid accounts.

Enabling High Volume Warnings

High volume warnings are configured from your user profile on a per project basis. To learn more about high volume warnings, please visit our knowledge base article on what triggers a new email.