Hotspots are heating up

Helping users, it’s kinda the main purpose we’re all building software applications for right? I mean if a digital tree falls in a forest and no one ever uses it, does it matter?

Our latest addition (see our previous additions) to our Hotspots feature set (which is still quite young itself) is all about that essential part of application development - the users. Now Airbrake will show you the top users that have encountered the most errors in your project. 

We think understanding the user impact of your project's errors helps you to make informed choices in debugging and gives you key insights in your application's quality.

User Hotspots allow you to do a few interesting things, for example:

  • Monitor: Spot commonalities across high error users.
  • Support: Proactively reach out to any user that's experienced an error to let them know you’re working on a fix
  • Development: Have a really tricky bug that you’re having trouble replicating? Reach out to the customer to get more info on how it happened.

User info (name, email, user ID, and username) is collected automatically for most of our error notifiers so there’s zero extra setup required. As long as you’re sending errors with a supported notifier, you get the new User Hotspots automatically.

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