JIRA 5 Integration

Today we're proud to announce our JIRA5 integration.

You can make JIRA issues from Airbrake errors viewable in your JIRA project!

Integrate JIRA

  1. Click the Edit this Project button from your project's info column on the left side of the page
  2.  Select the Integrations Tab and select JIRA<
  3.  Enter your JIRA server URL, username, password and project key. Also, make sure you enter correct context path. That one depends on which JIRA you're using. Refer to the guidelines on the right for more info about that one.

Now to test It out!

  1. Select an error from the project you have integrated with JIRA and Click Send to JIRA
  2. Click the JIRA Issue Link
  3. You will be redirected to your JIRA project's corresponding JIRA issue created from Airbrake
  4. Click the Airbrake Link to be brought back to airbrake

Please leave comments and feedback below.

Posted by Ben, built by Airbrake Team.
Props to Herb for fully testing and debugging this integration.