Mobile optimized Airbrake

You can now get all the same Airbrake functionality of our desktop web app in that tiny computer you have in your pocket - your Airbrake error dashboard and web app are now fully optimized for mobile browsers. This means that all the error monitoring features you regularly use on your desktop browser are available to you wherever you have your smartphone.

Using our mobile web app means you'll get new features and improvements right when they're released on our desktop web app. This results in a more cohesive and up-to-date experience between desktop and mobile.

Because our mobile-optimized web app has surpassed our native iOS and Android apps in features and experience, it replaces our native apps. Support for the iOS and Android native apps will end on October 2nd, 2017.

With our mobile web app, you'll get access to new features like:

  • Breadcrumbs - get a useful timeline of events that led up to an error to help you replicate bugs fast.
  • Account dashboard - monitor the health of all your account's projects from one unified dashboard.
  • GitHub logins - use your GitHub account to log in to Airbrake allowing you to use security features like two factor authentication.
  • Deploys dashboard - gain insight into the impact of your code changes by tracking the error impact of your project's deploys.

For the best mobile experience, you can even add Airbrake to your smartphone's home screen. Check out the simple steps over on our help docs site.

Have any questions about the new and improved mobile-tastic Airbrake web app? Just let us know at