The new Airbrake Account Dashboard

No more clicking from project to project to see where problems may be lurking. Airbrake's new Account Dashboard gives you a critical tool to monitor errors across all your apps - all on a single page.

To view the Account Dashboard, just select "Account Dashboard" from the Projects dropdown


On the new Account Dashboard, you'll get an overview of all of your projects' essential error statistics:

  • The count of unresolved errors
  • The date and time of the most recent error
  • Total error occurrences over the past 90 days, 90 hours and 90 minutes

All columns are fully sortable, so you can quickly determine which projects need your attention. And the "90 days / 90 hours / 90 minutes" toggle let's you see what's happening right now, or zoom out to get the broader historical view.

Want to see which projects are running hot with lots of errors? Or make sure nothing went off the rails over the weekend? Or just get a quick overview for how your apps are looking? Done, done and done.

Keep an eye out for more additions to the dashboard throughout the year. We're already working on some improvements, but would love your suggestions as well. So try it out and let us know what you think.