New: GitHub Enterprise integration

GitHub has long been one of our most popular integrations for Airbrake. Today, we're happy to announce that GitHub Enterprise users can now take advantage of this invaluable integration as well.

GitHub Enterprise integration effectively works the same as our regular GitHub integration. The biggest benefit is the ability to create new issues directly from your dashboard. Or even better, enable auto-creation so that issues are created automatically when new errors are found.

These GitHub issues will contain critical details like error type, error name, Airbrake project name, environment, backtrace and more. Plus, we'll include a link directly back to the specific Airbrake error so you can dig deeper and quickly identify the root cause of the error.


And when you setup the GitHub Enterprise integration, Airbrake will automatically create error backtrace links which will point to your GitHub Enterprise repository.


Set-up takes about 60 seconds. Details on how to do that can be found on the right side of the screen when you visit GitHub integration page on your Airbrake account. Or you can get the full scoop here:

What other Airbrake integrations are you dying to have? Email us at and we'll do whatever we can to make all your wildest dreams come true.