New: GitLab integration

By popular demand, you can now integrate your Airbrake directly with GitLab.

You can manually create GitLab issues from the error dashboard, or enable auto-creation to automatically create a GitLab issue whenever new errors occur.

Every GitLab issue created from Airbrake will contain critical error details such as error type & message, URL, file, short backtrace, number of occurrences and more. We will also include link back to the specific error in Airbrake for further investigation.


When you set up GitLab integration, we will automatically create links in the Airbrake backtraces that will point to GitLab repository files.


Are you using GitLab Customer Edition or Enterprise Edition? No worries, we've got you covered! Just choose "GitLab CE/EE" integration type on the GitLab integration page.

Full details on how to set up GitLab integration can be found here:

Do you have idea for new integration? Email us at and we'll do our best to bring it live.