Ship it! The Airbrake Deploy Dashboard 2.0

At Airbrake we believe that fast feedback helps you improve software quality with more calm and confidence. That's why we give you the tools to analyze the lifecycle of errors, code changes and deploys in addition to how they correlate.

Along those lines, you may have noticed that your projects have a mysterious “Deploys” link in your project navbar. Maybe you adventurous users have explored over there. If not, let’s dive into what the heck that page is.

What does the Deploy Dashboard do?

Well, before our latest update, your project’s Deploy Dashboard was a place to view how many errors you fixed or introduced for each deploy and get a revision link to the diff over on GitHub (or GitLab and Bitbucket).

Pretty nifty right? Well, really, it was just a list of your project’s deploys… but now the new and improved Deploy Dashboard is your project’s hub for tracking the impact of your code changes on the quality of your application.

New things you can do:

  • Quickly see how your many errors each of your deploys have fixed or introduced with the error statistics graph.
  • Stay up to date on your team’s code shipping velocity with the deploy frequency graph. Do you see a downward trend in your team’s deploys this week? Maybe there’s a blocking issue that you should help resolve.
  • Spot problem deploys easily. Dive directly into recent deploys that introduced new errors using the new deploys list.
  • Save time investigating code changes by seeing linked Pull Requests and your actual diffs in Airbrake

All you need to do to start getting value from your new deploy dashboard is, well, track your deploys. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback at

Happy shipping code!