With a Little Help From My Trends

You may already be familiar with Airbrake email digests which give you a snapshot of what happened to your application’s health over the past week. Expanding on the week-to-week changes shown in digest emails, Airbrake now gives you a central hub for monitoring and comparing weekly changes in the health of your applications, your news friend: the new Trends Dashboard!

What is it for?

By seeing trends week-by-week of your app’s key metrics, it allows you to easily spot good or bad trends. Now you can stay on top of longterm progress to surface problems you may have otherwise missed.

Discover trends in your dashboard

Error data changes over the past week like the amount of occurrences and the total error groups made. New error groups mean new, unique errors your users are running into whereas total error occurrences is the amount of times each error group is being seen. Downward numbers are positive trends.

Deploys where you see how your team is shipping code. See a downward trend? Your team might be less productive than last week. They could have a blocker or something you could help with.

Performance data shows you how well your app is running. Are you doing better to serve pages responsively to your users? Is your Apdex score (user satisfaction score – read more here!) going up or down? Not using Performance Monitoring yet? Get started by enabling it here.

How to get started

All accounts on paid Airbrake plans get the new Trends Dashboard included at no additional cost! And even better, there’s zero extra setup required. All of the Trends Dashboard data is calculated automatically by Airbrake. Just visit the “Trends” link in your navigation bar to get started.

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