Airbrake Gem 3.1.12 with Rails 4 support.


With Rails conf currently underway and Rail 4.0 getting increasing interest, we're excited to announce full Rails 4 (beta 1) support with our latest Airbrake gem, version 3.1.12.

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Version 3.1.12 - 2013-04-29 18:48:40 +0200

Arvind Kunday (1):
Removing the .erb template handler

Hrvoje Šimić (8):
introducing null logger for fallback
add missing logger requirement
being careful with silencing of rake backtrace in the airbrake:test task
support for Rails 4.0
start using remote XSD file when verifying XML in tests
throw a warning for unsupported user attributes
updating outdated step definition for current user feature
speeding up the test by using 'runner' instead of 'server'

knapo (1):
Fix Airbrake::Sender#log to log messages when logger is not passed to options.

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