Airbrake Gem 3.1.7

Today we happy to announce our first Airbrake Ruby gem update of 2013. We've pushed a ton of bug fixes, fixed tests and put a few cool features. If you would like to try our new JSON API, please send an e-mail.

Download 3.17 from RubyGems.

Thank you to Adam Duke, Ben Arent, Cory Kaufman-Schofiled, Dmity Medvinksy, George Ogata, Hrvoje Šimić, Joel Friedlaender, Jon Evans, Josh Goebel, Kyle Wilkinson, Manuel Meurer, Marko Šimić, Morgan Mikel McDaris, Pedro Nascimento, Ryan Souza & cielavenir.

Version 3.1.7 - 2013-01-28 13:35:10 +0100

Adam Duke (1):
fix an error if not using ActionController::Base

Ben Arent (2):
Update to
2013! woot.

Cory Kaufman-Schofield (1):
Use https for rake airbrake:test if force_ssl set to true (fixes #145)

Dmitry Medvinsky (1):
Fix notifier API URL as per Airbrake docs

George Ogata (1):
Ignore ActionController::UnknownHttpMethod by default.

Hrvoje Šimić (59):
move dependencies from Gemfile
CI test only for 3.0.0 for now
use appraisal
use aruba instead of home-grown terminal
fix *ALL* the tests!
remove bundler version
support all major rails versions for now
add bundler dependency
destroy rvmrc
update appraisals
add task for bundling bundler
remove gemfile locks
update appraisals
clean up README
logo is not needed in README
update the integration tests
update testing instructions
use CircleCI for continuous integration
update rake default task
mark heroku tests as wip for now
Clean up the rake task
stop cluttering STDOUT with trace of rake tasks
update supported rails versions
send framework info
use specific version of builder
update appraisals
revert "use specific version of builder"
remove hard dependency on girl_friday
update thoughtbot logo
update test suite to newer Rails versions
unfreezing version
More description about development environments
make sure we don't set env["airbrake.error_id"] for async notices
stop extending Object, use ActiveSupport instead
blank? instead of nil? || empty?
move XSD schema to resources
enable sending to new JSON API (#163)
define headers in Sender
ignore gemfile.locks
make sending to new JSON API disabled by default (#163)
don't use named groups in regexes, they are ruby 1.9 only (#162)
make sure we close the body even if exception occurs (closes #153)
Rails::Application::Configuration.force_ssl is undefined for Rails 3.0.x
update the test suite
update the default rake task
add the ability to pass a single feature to rake test task
tests support Rack::BodyProxy now
use rails 4 compatible routes in tests
remove unnecessary local variables
stop with monkeypatchig of Rails exception middleware
style fixes
require the new middleware in tests
better handler for adding Heroku deploy hooks (#167)
support multiple apps in Heroku deploy hooks task (#166)
read every available parameter for deploy hook from ENV (#168)
fallback to reading API key from ENV for deploy hooks
freshen up Heroku readme
set username and revision from Heroku variables (#168)
automatically get remote origin for deploy hooks (#168)

Joel Friedlaender (1):
configuring development environments

Jon Evans (1):
Use "get" instead of "match" for verify route

Josh Goebel (1):
clean_rack_request_data should also filter out "action_dispatch.secret_token" to prevent passing a Rails applications secret token

Kyle Wilkinson (1):
Fix broken gemspec with missing file names. MIT-LICENSE is now just called LICENSE and there is no

Manuel Meurer (1):
Use Airbrake.notify_or_ignore instead of just Airbrake.notify in notify_airbrake controller method

Marko Šiftar (3):
better Sinatra handling
fix typo
add framework info for Sinatra and Rack

Morgan Mikel McDaris (3):
fixed the heroku airbrake.rb generation
fixed the heroku airbrake.rb generation
made supported versions into a link

Pedro Nascimento (1):
Allow virtual attributes to be used in user data instead of just attributes.

Ryan Souza (1):
Prettier rake exception actions

cielavenir (1):
airbrake_javascript_notifier_options should be externalized