Airbrake Ruby Gem bumped to 3.0.6.

Last night we bumped our gem up to version 3.0.6. We've addressed a few lingering issues from 3.0.5. For a complete overview please see the changelog below. The Gem has already been published on

Many thanks to everyone below for their contributions. Want to help out? Fork Airbrake, we accept pull requests or raise an Issue.

Version 3.0.6 - Mon Dec 05 16:41:39 +0100 2011

David (1):
Merge pull request #42 from Playhem/fix-issue-34-cherrypicked

David Palm (8):
Removes support for Rails v2.3.12
Documentation glitch
Documenting workaround for issue #39
Using guard&spork for testing
Adding Guardfile
Moves #assert_logged to test helper
Moves http setup code to own method
Not sporking yet

Leonid Shevtsov (3):
fix issue #34 'undefined method to_backtrace for Hash'
test case for issue #34

See the Changelog on Github Thanks for all the contributions.