is now

As you know we've had to migrate from our previous amphibious name and under pressure we moved immediately towards Now that we've had time to explore availability, we've found a better, final home at:  You'll see a new wildcard SSL cert* and domain name, but the service behind will work identically as before. We will continue to support gems pointing to and for the immediate future.

We've also migrated to an upgraded, speedy DNS service and added a dedicated Airbrake blog, ,  which you've found!

On the error-reporting side, you'll see our error reporting libraries updated over the coming days--with our canonical Airbrake gem already updated. Please raise any support issues immediately to our attention at our support helpdesk or call us +1-888-479-8323. Yes--we've ramped up our support options and team to handle Airbrake's growing user base. In fact, as we make these transitions, we wanted to share a few tidbits:

  • We are regularly handling over 100k requests per minute.
  • We've sent 35 Million emails since January 2010, and will send 4 Million more in the next 30 days.
  • We have handled 3 Billion Errors of which over 4 Million are unique.

On our team we've added a dedicated development team with a feature roadmap that includes your top requests. We'll be writing an update with details later in the month as well as sharing some big news later in the year.

We are applying the final touches to our blog, please send your feedback and comments to Ben .

*Technical Footnote. The SSL is applied to a separate IP address More information.