Express.js Joins the Airbrake Performance Monitoring Club

We've brought our simple, developer-focused Performance Monitoring to Rails, Go, Django, and Flask recently. Now we're giving our supported languages a new member of the family: Node.js! (Specifically the Express.js framework)

That's right! Express.js Performance Monitoring is now in early access. All Performance Monitoring features are supported after the simple setup like:

How to set it up

No additional setup is needed for Express.js Performance Monitoring; you'll only need to make sure you're on the latest version of our library and you're using the same setup as our latest example Express.js app. Basically, that includes:

  1. Install, include our Node.js library
  2. Configure library with your Airbrake project's credentials
  3. Add and set the Airbrake middleware

All of this can be found in the Express.js example on our GitHub.

We'd love to hear what you think about Performance Monitoring for Express.js so let us know!

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