Airbrake Ruby gem upgraded to 3.0.5.

Last night we bumped our gem up to version 3.0.5. We've addressed many of the issues and pull requests. For a complete overview please see the changelog below. The Gem has already been published on

Many thanks to everyone below for their contributions. Want to help out? Fork Airbrake, we accept pull requests or raise an Issue.

Version 3.0.5 - 2011-11-08 23:02:07 -0800

Benjamin Quorning (1):
README updated to reflect name change from Hoptoad to Airbrake

Darcy Laycock (1):
Explicitly scope calls to Rails.env and such to prevent loading issues when manually requiring parts of airbrake.

David Czarnecki (6):
Using the Capistrano logger for great justice
Using the Capistrano logger for great justice
Re-organized capistrano task to allow for testing
Fixing conflict
Fixed the name of the capistrano task in the test to be correct. Updated the cucumber feature to look for the right task name.
Change airbrake:notify to airbrake:deploy to be more clear that it is a deploy notification

Florent Guilleux (1):
Change Hoptoad references to Airbrake.

Gabe Berke-Williams (1):
Merge pull request #10 from Florent2/patch-1

Harold Giménez (10):
Heroku is still using HOPTOAD_API_KEY, so expect that for now
Bumping to version 3.0
Bumping to version 3.0.1
Fix bug in defining the Airbrake javascript object
Bumping to version 3.0.2
Ensure a valid configuration object is always available on Airbrake.configuration
Merge remote-tracking branch 'agoragames/master'
Bumping to version 3.0.3
Minor fix to Gemfile instructions on README
Bumping to version 3.0.4

Jonathan Siegel (15):
Removed class-level caching per jkraemer: Hi,
Integrated pulls and updated tests.
Corrected test.
Consistent operation.
Consistent callout during test generation.
Fixed typo.
Refreshed supported.
Now running airbrake deploy notifications on the REMOTE machine.
Added first rev of PEER cert resolution.
Bumped 3.0.5
Updated README, fixed JS rescue template missed HT reference.
Crosslinked docs...
Fixes for tests.

Leonid Shevtsov (1):
fixed rake handler failing when exception happens before Airbrake has been configured (for example, when running an unknown Rake task)

Matt Fawcett (1):
Call #close on the old body after building the new body to prevent thread joining errors

Roman Shterenzon (1):
Use either Airbrake or Hoptoad object.

Stuart Chaney (1):
point towards

Thomas Jachmann (1):
handles exceptions with #to_hash properly

usiegj00 (4):
Merge pull request #21 from mattfawcett/master
Merge pull request #12 from leonid-shevtsov/master
Merge pull request #14 from thomasjachmann/master
Merge pull request #28 from Sutto/patch-1

See the Changelog on Github Thanks for all the contributions.