Get Unlimited Projects for your Airbrake Account

Your software stack likely includes multiple apps/projects/repos, maybe written in multiple languages. A failure in any one can affect the others. So it just makes sense to monitor errors across your entire stack. Right?

Well right now for a limited time, you can get unlimited projects - for life - when you sign-up for a Growth, Business, or Enterprise plan. Already on one of these plans? Don't worry, you now have unlimited projects for life!

Don't think you need more projects? There might be more reasons than you think:

  1. Interdependency. When one app fails, other parts of code can be affected. And that means your customers are affected. That's bad. By monitoring all your apps, you can get alerted to ANY errors that happen ANYWHERE in your stack. So you can fix problems fast.
  2. Proof of Concepts. When you're constantly innovating, you try lots of new things. Some of those POCs find their way into Staging or, gulp, Production. Monitoring these POCs for errors gives you piece of mind, and allows you to be fast without being reckless.
  3. Flexibility.  Want to monitor different regions or configurations separately? Want different notification settings for Production vs. Development? With unlimited projects, there's no limit to how granular you can get (if you're into that sort of thing)

Bonus: we're currently working on a cross-project dashboard. Soon you'll be able to see error trends across your entire stack, and how deployments affect each project. The more projects you're monitoring, the more complete and valuable this dashboard will be.  Look for this to go live later this year.

This offer is good through June 30, just upgrade from your account settings. Or if you're new to Airbrake, you can sign-up here