Planned Airbrake migration - ♥ Go & ♥ Riak.

Earlier this month Airbrake processed its 8th billionth unique error, we’ve had peak days of 100 millon errors a day from our first wave of processing. Our rapidly expanding growth hit the limits of what Ruby could handle. After reviewing a few options node.jsErlangclojure we settled on Go as it provides the right mix of message queuing, systems programming and exceptional concurrency.

To deal with our ever expanding volume of data and to provide search and graphing we have migrated our datastore from Mongo to Riak. Expect to see graphs, search and smarter notifications in the coming months.

What you need to do?

The site should will keep working the same as normal, but if you have a restricted firewall you will need to add to the list of outgoing IPs.

We will soon update our gem to send all traffic to, we will redirecting all old traffic to this new endpoint but we recommend all third parties update their libraries.


We’re currently importing old exceptions into our fresh new database and riak datastore. All errors should be present but expect all backtraces and "occurrence data" to be imported steadily over the next few days.

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