Airbrake speaks the universal language of developers

Here at Airbrake, we use for our customer engagement, and one of their fun features allows you to create a map of all your active customers. Never heard of it? Here’s a quick description from the Intercom blog.

We knew that great engineering teams from all over the world use Airbrake, but even we were surprised at just how global our users are. Check out some of these facts about Airbrake users:

  • Engineers from over 4,300 cities and over 100 countries!
  • Over 100 users from throughout Africa, and hundreds in South America
  • Users in all 50 United States and all 10 Canadian Provinces

Cool things happening in West Africa

OK, that’s interesting I guess. But so what?

Knowing that our customer base spans so many geographic and cultural boundaries, it’s our goal to make sure Airbrake is not only powerful, but also incredibly simple to use.

No matter where you live or what language you speak (or write code in), Airbrake is designed to help you identify and troubleshoot errors faster, so you can write better code.

Airbrake users are building great products all around the world

Never tried Airbrake? Start your 14-day free trial today and you’ll be organizing and tracking all your application’s errors in just a few minutes.