Bier Mit Airbrake | Berlin Report

Feb 14, 2012 6:53:22 PM | Bier Mit Airbrake | Berlin Report

Bier Mit Airbrake | Berlin Report

it's cold in Berlin!

'Bier mit Airbrake' was our first official drinkup.  Being the first it went with a few bumps, but it was a good event with developers venturing out in freezing -12c ( 10 in Fahrenheit) conditions.

I arrived in Berlin on Monday 6th, and stayed in an AirBnB apartment in the Kreuzberg district with @Gr2m from Minutes.ioKreuzberg has historically been a poorer part of Berlin, even though it was in West Berlin.  If it was in San Francisco it would be called Turkish town. The kebabs are phenomenal.
club mate

@Gr2m and myself worked at Co-Up. An intimate co-working space in the Kreuzberg district.  Co-Up is ran by upStream, a rails consultancy and makers of .  Working at Co-Up was a pleasure, it had a great buzz and it was great to see everyone going for lunch together. @janl has some great coffee making skills and Voos barrista outshone himself. This was my first time drinking Club-Mate a high caffeine low sugar energy drink; it takes a little like fermented tea. Delicious.

Bier Mit Airbrake was hosted at C-Base a non-profit with the purpose of  increasing knowledge and skills pertaining to computer software, hardware and data networks.  It's a bit like walking into a Red Dwarf set.  The meetup went well, with a small turn of  out of Airbrake users.  Due to some confusion with the bar-bot some Airbrakers got turned away; we're really sorry to these guys. We'll make it much clearer next time.  I'll be featuring a few of the attenedes on the Awesome Airbraker blog in the coming weeks; a short rundown was

Thanks to everyone for turning out in freezing conditons. I hope to be back soon.  Report by @benarent.  A big thanks to @gr2m and @co-up.

berlin graffiti

German hipsters.

Yes. You can buy cigarettes at the checkout!

Greogors CouchDB talk at Co-Up.

Written By: Frances Banks