Krakow & Railsberry | Airbrake Report

May 3, 2012 12:32:54 AM | Krakow & Railsberry | Airbrake Report

Krakow & Railsberry | Airbrake Report

After leaving San Francisco at 9pm, I finally arrived in Krakow at 11pm the next day.  This was my first trip to Poland, and I was excited to meet the people and take advantage of the strong dollar vs Zloty (the local currency).

A traditional Polish Breakfast Cheese, Ham, Cucumber, Bread and Fried eggs. This was an excellent way to start a day in Krakow. On my first day, I visited a few Airbrake customers; using the wonders of Intercom, I found 25 users, and after morning coffee I was chilling in their offices. Afterwards I made it to the Railsberry hackathon.


Railsberry is 'a sweet European Rails Conference' in Krakow, Poland.  It is put on by the crazy kids at Applicake and they have a passion for unicorns, rainbows, love and rails. It's a two day conference with an eclectic range of talks.  Talks ranged from crowd funding, ruby project stats, coffeescript, NoSQL databases, and Enterprise SaaS to being a VIM ninja!  All talks were recorded and will be posted online.   My personal favorites were Eric Redmond's NoSQL talk (as we switch to Riak) , Linda Liuka's 'Rails Girls' talk for reminding everyone how awesome rails programming is, and Zach's insight into rails stats.

There were a few awesome moments, such as 200 ballons going in the air


, a 7ft unicorn, and some hilarious lighting talks.  I'm going to highlight all the awesomeness in another blog post, with 8 tips to throwing an exceptional conference.

The chill out room was much appreciated.

I wasn't expecting such great weather... but we saw 22degree heat.

The art of conversation is still alive as we share  best app stories.

@elamadej Railsberry ring leader, myself and @PHenriettaK of RailsGirls.

One of the uber hip cafes in the Old Jewish neighbourhood. For the hipness, I spotted very few hipsters.

Someone put a sausage in my soup; it was delicious.

   @EmiliaMaj  + [gh]mislav


Metal cutlery and glass bottles with Lufthansa!

If you're flying through San Francisco Airport, I highly recommend checking out the Moto Bellissima exhibit. This above motorcycle is 50cc!

Written By: Frances Banks