Sep 22, 2017 1:26:05 PM | Airbrake Python Integrations Release

Airbrake Python Integrations Release

We're proud to announce a new library to make it easier to use airbrake with Python. Airbrake Python Integrations is now the home for integrations built on top of our core Python notifier library. This initial release includes integrations for three major Python projects: Django, Flask, and Twisted. We're excited to work with the community to improve and expand the library.

For example, to use Airbrake with Flask:

pip install airbrake-integrations

Make sure the airbrake configuration variables are set:

AIRBRAKE_API_KEY = '1290180gsdf8snfaslfa0'

Then import and use the library!

from import AirbrakeApp

app = Flask(__name__)
ab = AirbrakeApp(app)

Version 2.1.0 of our core Python notifier library, airbrake-python, was also released recently. We added support for sending top-level uncaught exceptions by default and fixed a number of bugs. As always, pull requests are more than welcome, and much appreciated.

Written By: zach