Digging Deeper into Databases

Oct 28, 2019 11:12:44 AM | Digging Deeper into Databases

Learn how you can use Airbrake Performance Monitoring's query analysis feature to fix and prevent slowdowns within your application.

Airbrake Performance Monitoring gives you a broad view of real application quality while allowing you to drill down into what causes slowdowns to fix performance issues fast. Super important to the "drilling down" aspect are features like our previously blogged about Performance Breakdowns which give you the duration each component (database, view, HTTP, etc) takes for the requests in a specific route. 

Introducing Query Analysis

Continuing this trend, our latest feature addition to Performance Monitoring is all about database performance: Query Analysis. Query Analysis shows you an aggregated view of the SQL queries, their locations, and the durations for a selected route.

Do you see a big part of a slow route is being spent on database time? Query Analysis helps you understand why so you can fix it by directing you to the exact query that's slowing things down.

Getting Started

Query Analysis is a free addition to Performance Monitoring for Rails apps (support for other languages is in-progress) and you can start using it just by making sure you're on the latest versions of our gems. 

Upgrade to the latest version of our gem (9.5.0) by updating your Gemfile:

gem 'airbrake', '~> 9.5.0'

Then run the update command:

bundle update airbrake

Check out Query Analysis and other useful features by enabling Performance Monitoring in your account settings!

Written By: Thom Cassady