Aug 29, 2016 5:12:40 PM | Airbrake Docs Relaunch

Airbrake has relaunched and refreshed the Airbrake docs and are now available at Become an expert Airbraker today.

This summer we relaunched and refreshed the Airbrake docs. The docs were moved in-house, open-sourced on GitHub, given a style overhaul, and are now available at We hope the new docs provide you with a cohesive and enjoyable experience, helping you become an expert Airbraker one doc at a time.

The docs are home to a wealth of Airbrake information including:

Document updates

We used the relaunch as an opportunity to vet each doc, keeping our eyes open for chances to improve readability, update screenshots/images, and make sure content is organized into logical sections.

Builds and deploys

We automatically build and deploy airbrake-docs as a static site to our CDN. This strategy is low cost and reduces the possible problems related to managing airbrake-docs. There are no server processes to keep running and the docs are distributed globally.


Providing feedback on docs has never been easier. You can provide public feedback via GitHub issues, submit a pull request, provide private feedback anonymously via Temper, or just email us.

Thanks CircleCI

The Airbrake docs are based on the open-source circleci-docs project on GitHub.
CircleCI provides with free testing, building, and deployments for public repositories. Since airbrake-docs is a public repository, we use CircleCI to build and deploy the docs.

Written By: Morgan McDaris