Re-introducing Airbrake Performance Monitoring

Jan 14, 2021 12:22:35 PM | Re-introducing Airbrake Performance Monitoring

Airbrake is pleased to announce an all-new pricing model for Airbrake Performance Monitoring (APM). Plans start at $19.

The Cheap Easy Way to Catch Every Event

Today, we are pleased to announce an all-new pricing model for Airbrake Performance Monitoring (APM). We've lowered the price of our entry-level Performance Monitoring Plan from $99 per month to only $19 per month!

Not only is it now much cheaper to use Airbrake Performance Monitoring, but every event monitored is a tenth of the price of competing solutions. With prices as low as $.09 for 100k events, you can afford to track every event for every user. No more sampling or filtering large swaths of transactions to keep performance monitoring within your budget.

Airbrake Performance Monitoring is the most cost-effective solution for Dev Teams because it focuses on the two most important app performance metrics you need: latency and Apdex scores.

As with all of Airbrake’s offerings, Airbrake Performance Monitoring (APM) has three key attributes:

Developer Focused - Airbrake Performance Monitoring is meant to be completely managed by the developer. No need for a DevOps team or getting into the nitty-gritty of your environment. Since APM metrics are collected in the same notifier as Error Monitoring, all you have to do is turn on APM in your Airbrake dashboard.

Lightweight - Airbrake Performance Monitoring runs in the same notifier that sends your Errors. No additional code is required.

Immediately Impactful - Once Airbrake Performance Monitoring is set up, you'll receive immediate insights into your app. In addition to its simplicity, the Performance Monitoring dashboard includes pre-configured graphs and metrics so you can glean important information at a glance. Nothing could be easier.

In addition to new, cheaper Airbrake Performance Monitoring plans, we're also rolling out On-Demand Events. Similar to On-Demand Errors, you'll have the option to continue to send events to Airbrake beyond your plan's monthly limit for a small, discounted fee per event. So, when we say, "A cheap, easy way to catch every event," we really mean it.

Something to keep in mind: Airbrake Performance Monitoring isn’t directly tied to your Error Monitoring plan. Because these are two separate plans, you choose how many events you would like to receive per month independently from error monitoring.  

Ready to get started? 

Log into your Airbrake account and select the "Change Plan" option on the Account & Billing page. Choose the plan level that's right for your app and confirm your payment details. Within minutes you'll start to see new insights into the health of your app. 

Here's to making 2021 the healthiest year for your app ever.

Written By: Alexandra Lindenmuth