Kraków Cribs. CloudVertical & Lunar Logic Polska

Apr 25, 2012 5:32:56 AM | Kraków Cribs. CloudVertical & Lunar Logic Polska

Kraków Cribs. CloudVertical & Lunar Logic Polska

We visit airbrake offices to check out their cribs.

WAZUP! It's ya boy 50Cent here for the first Awesome Airbrake Cribs.  This new series  lets us visit and get a sneak peak into the coolest offices, hacker dens and brogrammers bedrooms.  We visited two awesome companies based in Kraków, Poland .


CloudVertical have their feet solidly in the ground, in a luxurious office in the old town of Krakow.

The cloudvertical crew cranking out awesomeness.

The end result is CloudVertical a product that gives you greater insight into your cloud spending.

Ed Byne, Doing his CEO thing.

The CloudVertical kitchen comes with all the mod-cons. A fridge, espresso machine, two bins and oven.  CloudVertical eat 4 at a time until they scale their dinning table.

Lunar Logic Polska

Lunar Logic Polska delivers agile Ruby on Rails development services and they have the fastest football table in the East.

Friendly non-blocking setup.

The Lunar Logic Polska also makes

A meetup discussing the future of the IDE. (in Polish)

Hand painted OctoKitty.

Sweet blackboard action.

These guys were good.

Multiple monitors represent.

Written By: Frances Banks