Awesome Airbraker: Once Matchmaking

Jun 26, 2015 5:35:23 PM | Awesome Airbraker: Once Matchmaking

Learn about Once Matchmaking and how Airbrake Bug Tracker helps them build a better product

We would like to welcome Once Matchmaking house as the 24th Airbraker in our "Awesome Airbrakers" series.

Once Matchmaking logo
What value does your app provide?

We are a free matchmaking service! Our matchmakers set each user up with one handpicked match per day. Matches can be viewed on our app (, with a website version soon to come!

What do you like about Airbrake?

Airbrake has easy setup in addition to instant, concise, exhaustive reports. This helps us iterate quickly and be reactive on our infrastructure health.

How do you normally deal with Airbrake exception reports?

Airbrake Exception Reports are forwarded to our backend team via emails and slack. Our team then decides wether it should go to our bug tracking tool.

Setup. Environment, Language, Tools, Etc.

Server side:
Ubuntu Server

Rails API
Elastic search

Mobile Fronts :
native iOS
native Android

Front end web :
angular js

How long have you been using Airbrake?

Our team had some prior experience with Airbrake, so we’ve used it from the very beginning. It was very helpful during the initial development process and now even more useful in the production environment.

What could Airbrake do better?

Buy us a beer once in a while. Or lunch. We'd take that, too.

Tell us shortly how your company started?

After 6 years of building dating apps, CEO Jean Meyer aims to revolutionize the dating industry by re-introducing an ancient concept in finding love: the wisdom of matchmakers.

Favorite Music to Hack to.

There's a debate going on about this just now amongst our team. We're between Rage Against the Machine and Deftones.

Anything Else?

Follow us on Twitter: @oncetheapp, FB:
Favorite beer: Karmeliet Triple


Thanks Once Matchmaking for being an awesome member of Airbrake Bug Tracker family!

Written By: Frances Banks