Awesome Airbraker: PractiTest

Jun 18, 2015 3:15:24 PM | Awesome Airbraker: PractiTest

Learn about PractiTest and how Airbrake Bug Tracker helps them build a better product

We would like to welcome PractiTest house as the 22nd Airbraker in our "Awesome Airbrakers" series.

PractiTest logo
What value does your app provide?

PractiTest is a leading QA Management solution for Agile Testing, enabling IT organizations to ensure visibility and communication at all levels. As well as helping project development teams streamline and manage their testing processes while providing management with a clear and simple view of their project status at all times.

PractiTest can fully integrate with existing systems such as JIRA, Jenkins, Sellenium, Redmine and more.

What do you like about Airbrake?

We know of problems in an earlier stage, and able to solve them quickly.

How do you normally deal with Airbrake exception reports?

looking at it, try to figure out why it happens, solve it as soon as we can, and resolve the error. If we think that the error occurs on rare occasions, we just resolve it.

Setup. Environment, Language, Tools, Etc.

SaaS - work on all major browsers.
Ruby on Rails on Passenger
Posgresql / memcache / redis
Running on AWS

How long have you been using Airbrake?

5 years or so? you were called hoptoad back then.

What could Airbrake do better?

have some sort of reports: so see if errors were related to a specific context / user / browser.

Favorite Music to Hack to.

Deep House, Soulful Jazz, Downtempo...

Anything Else?

Follow us on Twitter: @practitest
Mexican food
Dogs lovers


Thanks PractiTest team and welcome to Airbrake Bug Tracker family!

Written By: Frances Banks