New Ways to Get Airbrake for Less

Apr 27, 2021 12:50:40 PM | New Ways to Get Airbrake for Less

Today, we are announcing two additional changes for our Airbrake customers: Annualized Pricing Plans and High Usage Plan discounts.

Airbrake Lowers Prices Again

In the past year, Airbrake has come up with multiple ways to catch errors and monitor your applications’ performance more cost-effectively than ever.  Here are a few examples:

  • Last spring, we launched our Dev Tier, the first full-featured free error monitoring development tool for applications that are just getting up and running.  
  • In the fall, we announced On-Demand Errors, allowing users to pay less for unplanned errors without committing to a more expensive monthly plan.
  • In December, we introduced our Launch Tier, which dropped the price of Airbrake Error Monitoring by 67%.
  • Airbrake Performance Monitoring went live at the start of this year and includes On-Demand Events and lower entry-level price points, making performance monitoring as cost-effective as error monitoring. 

Now, as part of LogicMonitor, Airbrake continues to find ways to be the most cost-effective error monitoring and performance monitoring solution available. 

Today, we are announcing two additional changes for our Airbrake customers: Annualized Pricing Plans and High Usage Plan discounts.

The Annual Pricing Plan

The Airbrake Annual Pricing allows our customers to pay upfront for the year and, by doing so, receive an automatic 10% discount off the cost of an Airbrake base plan. Considering that the average age of our customers is over four years, that’s a good deal. But, you don’t have to be a long-time Airbrake customer to take advantage of this opportunity. Every Airbrake customer can choose an Annual Plan. 

Here’s how it works: 

Now when you choose which Airbrake Tier you want to subscribe to, you’ll choose annualized or monthly pricing.

For example, if you choose to enroll in Airbrake under an Annual Tier 1 plan, instead of paying $19 per month, you’ll pay $17 per month and pay up-front for an entire year. If your account exceeds the monthly quota for errors or events, you will be automatically charged at the end of each monthly billing cycle for any On-Demand charges. 

Ready to upgrade to an Annual Pricing Plan? Log into your Airbrake account and go to your account's management page where you can choose an Annual Plan and receive 10% off the price of your base plan for the year. 

If you have questions about upgrading or downgrading your Annual Plan, check out our FAQs

High Usage Discounts

As your application grows, so does your user base and the number of applications you manage, resulting in hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of additional errors and performance events. As a developer, you understand that even one uncaught error can significantly compromise the user experience. 

That’s why Airbrake is making it easier than ever to catch every error and monitor your application stack with new pricing plans that include quotas over 5 million errors and events a month.

Here is a quick list of some of the new pricing plans we are offering.

Error Monitoring Plans:

Tier Errors Price
Tier 5 5,000,000 $799/month
Tier 6 15,000,000 $1,699/month
Tier 7 25,000,000 $3,299/month
Tier 8 50,000,000 $5,999/month
Tier 9 100,000,000 $8,499/month
Tier 10 200,000,000 $11,999/month

Performance Monitoring Plans

Tier Performance Events Price
Tier 5 150,000,000 $799/month
Tier 6 1,000,000,000 $1,699/month
Tier 7 10,000,000,000 $3,299/month
Tier 8 25,000,000,000 $5,999/month
Tier 9 75,000,000,000 $8,499/month
Tier 10 125,000,000,000 $11,999/month

To see full pricing details, go to the Airbrake Pricing Page

And while everything at Airbrake is always available self-service, including upgrading your plan, we are also here if you want to talk to a real person.   Please feel to reach out to our Customer Success Managers either in the app or at As Airbrake experts, they can help you find a plan that best fits your application’s needs.

Cory Apperson

General Manager

Airbrake a LogicMonitor Company

Written By: Alexandra Lindenmuth