Go Unlimited With AirbrakePro

Sep 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM | Airbrake Go Unlimited With AirbrakePro

AirbrakePro is the plan for those who want an unlimited error monitoring experience that comes with unlimited teams, audit logs, and spike forgiveness.

Introducing Airbrake Capture-2Introduction

At Airbrake, our goal is to give your development team the tools they need to deploy fearlessly. That’s why we’re releasing three new packages: Pro, Basic, and Developer. If you’re already an Airbrake user, you’re probably already familiar with Basic and Developer, but Pro offers some new and exciting features.

The AirbrakePro Package

Every deployment, every bug fix, every change to your code has some measure of risk. That’s why our developers have been hard at work creating a package that truly delivers a fearless experience. So, what does this package include? 

Engineered with the Airbrake power user in mind, the Pro package will include 3 unique features at launch: Unlimited Teams, Audit Logs, Spike Forgiveness, plus some features you might already be familiar with, including unlimited projects, users, and integrations. 

Three Brand New Airbrake Features

Unlimited Teams

If you’ve been with us for a while, you might remember that back in February we launched Teams. Now, we’re introducing Unlimited Teams! 

You read that right. UNLIMITED. TEAMS.

This is a great option for accounts that:

  • Manage a large geographically diverse team of engineers
  • Need to control account access among their users 
  • Want to create teams for their various projects

For more information, check out our teams, users, roles, and projects docs for more on how you can put Unlimited Teams to use today.

Audit Logs

Gain further insight into how your account is being handled with Audit Logs.

Audit Logs allow customers to track changes and spot anomalies within their account activity over time, without ever needing to contact support for access. 

Audit Logs are perfect for those who: 

  • Need to track and account for unexpected or unwanted changes
  • Require logs for security or attestation purposes
  • Need to know who did what, and when (a modern day, Sherlock Holmes)

It’s full accountability for your entire account in one place. 

Spike Forgiveness

Let’s be honest, how can you “deploy fearlessly,” when you have to worry about error spikes? When you ship new code, you want to feel confident that you’ll catch every bug without breaking the bank. That’s where Spike Forgiveness comes in. 

Spike Forgiveness ensures you’ll never have to worry about incurring exorbitant fees in the event of a usage spike. 

Spike Forgiveness is great for those who: 

  • Worry about spikes in errors
  • Need peace of mind knowing they'll never get another outrageous bill 
  • Are tired of always setting and resetting on-demand caps

Spike Forgiveness alone is a money saver. Combine that with our other two new features, and you’ll be set to deploy fearlessly.

Unlimited Projects, Users, and Integrations 

With the announcement of our new packages, you might have been worried that our unlimited projects, users and integrations were gone. That is not at all the case!

When you upgrade to AirbrakePro, you’ll still have access to these amazing features.

Unlimited projects, users and integrations truly do give you all of the flexibility you need to create an error monitoring account that best suits your application’s and business needs. 

Upgrade to AirbrakePro Today

Are you ready to add Pro today? To upgrade, log into your Airbrake account and click on “Upgrade Your Plan” in the top right corner. Choose your upgrade plan along with a tier and you're ready to start catching bugs! 

For additional help, check out the AirbrakePro doc page, the FAQ on the Pricing Page, or contact us at support@airbrake.io. 

Not an Airbrake user yet? Sign up for a free forever dev account to give Airbrake a try. 

Written By: Alexandra Lindenmuth