Airbrake Introduces On-Demand Errors

Sep 28, 2020 4:43:00 PM | Airbrake Introduces On-Demand Errors

No application environment is static nor will its error count be. That's why Airbrake now has On-Demand Errors.

A cheaper, easier way to catch every error in your app

Today we are very pleased to announce Airbrake “On-Demand” pricing for error monitoring. Beginning October 1st, Airbrake customers will never have to worry again about missing errors because they’ve reached the limit of their Airbrake plan during a billing cycle.

Fluid environments = variable error counts

No application environment is static nor will its error count be. Continuous deployments, shifts in customer usage, non-code-related, or back-end issues can all effect both the types and volume of errors your app sends to Airbrake.

Up to now, there were only three ways to account for that variability.

  • Over-provision your Airbrake account with enough baseline errors to make sure you have enough capacity to catch every error – including any intermittent spikes – during a given billing cycle.
  • Watch error usage like a hawk and upgrade your plan “just in time” as you close in on or exceed your monthly error limits.
  • Live within your plan threshold and miss seeing all errors from your app once you exceed your plan quota until your next billing cycle. 

On-Demand Errors = Easier, less expensive monitoring 

Airbrake wants to make it easier for our customers to see and catch every error – regardless of a customer’s plan limits. To that end, Airbrake On-Demand Errors features: 

  1. Easy access. Current customers** don’t need to do anything or switch plans to access On-Demand Errors. Beginning October 1, 2020, On-Demand Errors will be included standard with every paid Airbrake plan. At the start of your October billing cycle, you’ll automatically be migrated to an On-Demand Errors enabled plan.
  2. No more guessing. Customers don’t need to commit to higher monthly plan levels “just in case” there’s a spike in errors. Airbrake’s On-Demand Errors will make sure you don’t miss any errors and you’ll only pay for what you need. Once you exceed the errors included with your base plan in any given billing cycle, Airbrake will continue to send you any errors we receive from your app for a small fee for each additional error.
  3. More errors = more cost-effective. Best of all, any on-demand errors delivered after you exceed your plan limit will cost less per error than the errors included in your current Airbrake plan.

    Yes, you read that right. Pricing for On-Demand Errors is actually 15-20% lower than the base price per error of Airbrake paid plans. For example, our Essential plan includes 100,000 base errors for $59 a month – or $5.90 per 10,000 errors. The price for 10,000 on-demand errors for an Essential plan customer is just $5.00 per 10,000 errors, which is 15% less than the base error rate. (By the way, we’ll charge your account at the end of the billing cycle for just the number of errors you use over your quota. The 10,000 error price shown above is just an example of how the lower on-demand pricing is calculated.) 

    For more details: Check out detailed pricing information on the Airbrake website.
  4. No surprises. You remain in control. We understand that some customers might have concerns about unexpected charges from a spike in errors that results in a lot of on-demand errors. That’s why we’ve introduced Usage Caps, which give Airbrake customers complete control over their monthly error counts. With Usage Caps, volume limits can be set to manage how many On-Demand Errors are received at the Account and/or Project level. This ensures there are no billing surprises and each customer can designate the flow of errors that makes sense for their business.

More errors = More insight about app health

Unlike other error monitoring companies, we don’t want to penalize our customers for catching additional errors. We feel it’s far more important to enable your success and provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you aren’t missing key information about the health of your app. Here at Airbrake, we do reward more usage with greater price breaks so our pricing allows you to save more money as your usage grows. Being realistic and picking the right plan for your expected usage is economically beneficial. 

Finally, we are here to make sure you get the most out of Airbrake and On-Demand Errors. Feel free to contact our customer success team via in-app chat, by phone, or email if you have any questions at any time.

See an unusual or unexpected spike? Give us a holler and we will make sure to take care of it for you. 

Happy error hunting! 

** On-Demand Errors are only available for customers on a paid, direct-billed Airbrake Plan. Please contact if you are interested in upgrading your account to include On-Demand errors. 

Written By: Frances Banks