Dec 15, 2012 6:12:03 PM | Swag, Giveaways and Prizes.

Swag, Giveaways and Prizes.

It's been a busy year at Airbrake HQ, the team has been busy working on scaling out the service.  We've been doing a ton of work and have been super busy [expect end of year report soon].

We've had a busy year of swag, stickers, frisbees and prizes. We've not successfully delivered on all promises of free t-shirts.. but we can promise that they'll be out in 2013.

In this post I wanted to feature Chris Lehmann, the lucky winner of a $500 gift certificate for helping fill in our DevOps survey.

The group I work for (PICA) sells medical malpractice insurance.  We use Airbrake for error logging in our customer portals (along with other internal applications).  Being proactive in handling problems in important to us, since often it's a policyholder on the other end that has had a less than desirable experience with one of our sites.  Airbrake lets us contact our customers as soon as something goes wrong (our site is primarily used by policyholders that we have contact information on) rather than waiting for them to call our support team. - Chris Lehmann 


Written By: Frances Banks