Feb 14, 2012 8:09:51 PM | Wunderkit


We welcome Matthew Bostock from Wunderkit to be the fifth Airbrake user in our "Awesome Airbrakers" series.

What does your App do?
Wunderkit is a place that lets you organize and accomplish all of life's projects, however big or small, with the help of your friends, family and colleagues. Whether it's a family reunion, a vacation or something for the office, Wunderkit will make it happen.

Setup. Environment, Language, Tools, Etc.
Rails, mongo, redis, objective-c


What do you like about Airbrake?
Makes everyone in the development team aware that our software is not perfect : )

How long have you been using Airbrake?
3 months at 6Wunderkinder, around a year from previous jobs

How do you normally deal with Airbrake Exception reports?
Analyse the crash reports every morning and try to find a pattern. Mark everything as resolved when a new version is shipped (and disable previous versions from reporting errors).

What could Airbrake do better?
Filtering of configurations (release/debug).

Favorite Music to Hack to.
Mostly electronic, perhaps some golden age hip-hop, minimal or anything with as few words as possible : )

Written By: Frances Banks